Healthy. Tasty. Grassfed.

Douglas Farms

healthy. tasty. grassfed.



We are a small, family farm, outside of Selah, WA, making use of around 18 acres.  Our farm is owned, run, and managed by our family of seven. We have been selling our meat to the public since 2003. While we are not certified organic, we raise our animals in a way that is sustainable. We seek ways to build up our mini eco-system and encourage a diversity of species, as would be found in nature. Our sheep, cattle, and pigs are raised without antibiotics or hormones on grass that is free from synthetic additives or fertilizers. It’s a relief knowing these things won’t be in your meat.


Our cattle and sheep are raised in the sunshine, exclusively on grass.


Our cattle, pigs and sheep are raised on grass in a natural outdoor environment. The pigs eat grass but are fed a grain based diet because they are not ruminants and thus unable to convert grass into protein. As you can read in our nutrition section, meat from animals raised in the sunshine, exclusively on grass, has more vitamins and minerals, as well as desirable fats, than those raised conventionally, in feed lots or confinement. On our website we’ve included some of the health benefits, but you can also find many more at www.westonaprice.organd

We rotate our animals through smaller pieces of pasture called paddocks. This keeps grass quality high so they finish at a younger age with more tender, delicious meat.


Another difference from grocery store meat is that our animals are slaughtered here on our farm without any anxiety about them. Research has shown this is one of the key factors in producing naturally tender meat. One thing we enjoy about selling meat directly to our customers is getting to interact with them – answering questions about raising grassfed animals, the benefits of eating grassfed meat, and even sharing recipes. We also enjoy hearing how they are enjoying the meat we have worked hard to raise.

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