nitrate-free ham


2 gal. water, 3 lb. salt

1 lb. brown sugar

2 tbsp black pepper

5 crushed cloves

1 tbsp white pepper

You will need a quality brine injector. (Can be purchased from Cabela’s.) Cut the shoulder or leg roast in half, inject it with brine and then brine it for 7 1/2 days (less if you want it less salty). Bake or cook on a smoker as you would a normal ham.


making lard


Put 1/2″ water in crockpot

Fill with pork fat, 3/4 full

Turn on high

Stir occasionally, like every 2 hours

Cook around 8 hrs, until fat is looking brown and crispy

Turn off & remove lid to cool.  Start heating jars in water on stove.

Remove brown fat to garbage.

Wait for liquid fat to cool, 20-30 min.

Pour fat from c.pot into jars still in water on stove.

The next day, clean off jars (after cooled completely)


bone broth

Fill your crock pot with bones.

Add a splash of vinegar (this helps the valuable minerals to move from the bones to the broth).

Add bay leaves, celery, or any spices you desire.

Fill the remaining space with water.

Cook for 12-24 hours.

Remove bones and pour liquid into quart jars.

Pressure can according to directions.


brine marinade for beef liver

1 large (softball size) onion, coarsely chopped

1 head garlic, peeled

2 teaspoons dried oregano

2 teaspoons dried rosemary

2 tsp dried thyme

2 tsp black peppercorns

1 tbsp salt

  1. Place ingredients in order listed into a high speed blender.  Start blending on low speed, then increase to highest speed, until contents are liquefied.  Pour brine into a large zip-top freezer bag.

  1. Place liver in freezer and freeze until firm (for ease of slicing).  Remove the liver from the freezer and slice into 1/8-3/16 inch thick slices.  Rinse in cold water and place into brine to marinate in refrigerator over night.

  2. Remove liver from brine and rinse in cold water.  Dry on paper towels.

  3. Put skillet on medium-high and add coconut oil or pasture-raised lard.

  4. When skillet is at heat, place dried, brined, and marinated liver slices in skillet.  Watch for curdles to appear on top, then turn over and cook the other side for a couple more minutes.

  5. Serve with caramelized onions, honey mustard, or your favorite condiments.