Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I choose how my meat will be packed?

After your meat is butchered, you will call the local butcher to tell him your cut preferences. After you have ordered once, you can simply tell him you want it the same, or any changes you’d like for subsequent orders. You pay the butcher separately for his work when you pick it up at their shop. It is around $.60 per pound (Except cured meats). 


What is special about ordering 1/4 beef?

Please note that if you order 1/4 beef, the butcher has to cut the entire 1/2 of beef the same way and divide it between 2 customers. This means that you will need to agree with another customer about how your meat is cut up, when ordering 1/4 beef.


What packing choices do I have?

You may choose from roasts, steaks, and ground meats. Let them know how many steaks you want per package and how many pounds you want your roasts to be. Clicking on the “Meat Cutting Info” tab on our webpage will reveal a list of “standard cuts” for each type of meat.  You can deviate from this however you like; it simply gives a starting point which some find helpful.  Also, here are some websites you may find helpful if you are looking for help with choosing your cuts: beef cut ideas  pork cuts chart .


A quarter beef is around 150#. A half is double that. They say a family of 4 will go through 1/4 beef in 6 months, eating it 2 times per week.

How many pounds is 1/4 beef? How much do I need?


A whole lamb is around 55lbs, hanging weight. One half pig is around 80lbs, hanging.

What about your other meats? How many pounds are they?


We make a trip over to North Bend each year for buyers from the “west-side”. People are expected to help with the gas expense. Please inquire about this when you order if you are interested.

Do you deliver?


Do you take credit cards?

We accept credit card and ACH (direct bank to bank transfer - you save the information the same way you save a CC and it saves us on fees!)


YES! We welcome visitors – in spring we have baby lambs, in summer our rotational grazing is in full swing, and many of our animals are harvested in the fall. Please contact us if you are interested in visiting and we will find a time that you can stop by.

Can I visit your farm?


Customers who order from us can purchase the specialty cuts from their animal here at our farm. The cost is $3.00 per pound. Please include this on your order form if you are interested in this.

Can I order specialty cuts like heart, liver, tongue?


Because of government regulations, we do not sell our meat as individual cuts. We’ve looked into meeting their regulations to sell by the cut. However, not only would the price go up dramatically, but also they would do things to the meat that we think would affect the flavor and probably make it less healthful (like spraying chemicals on it). We would also have to transport our animals for harvesting. This would cause our animals to be out of sorts and thereby affect the meat’s tenderness. We have actually found that there is nothing more convenient than choosing cuts of meat out of your own freezer.

Can I buy individual cuts?


The meat can easily keep in a deep freezer for an entire year or more without loss of quality.

How long can I expect our meat to keep?


Our pork is non-GMO pork!  We are so glad to be able to sell this to our customers.  It is more expensive, but it is worth it to us.  We want to consistently provide meat that is raised in a way that is sustainable for the environment we all enjoy, and trustworthy as well.

Are your pigs fed GMO corn? 


What do your animals eat in the winter?

We “stockpile” our own pastures in the fall to feed our animals through the winter. This means we try to balance our animal-to-pasture ratio so as to have enough to “save” some mature pasture and have our animals graze it during the winter. We do feed some hay during the winter months, but this hay is almost always cut from our own pastures. This is why we take extra effort to manage our grass well!


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